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Thank you for your interest in our ONLINE E-ADVERTISING.
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NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any advertising content, language, or images that are deemed inapproapriate by our managment or advertising review board. We may provide you the opportunity to revise/edit your content/images. In some instances conflicts of interest and/or conflicts of exclusivity may prevent us from sending your content. Thank you for understanding.
Terms, Pricing, & Expecations:
  • After submitting your order, we shall contact you about images for staging the creative. Or, you may use the link on the next page to email us your image and content.
  • BLAST-READY IMAGES & GRAPHICS: Images should not be more than 600 pixels wide for optimal layout in our advert templates. If necessary, we will adjust them for you. They may be as tall/long as you choose (we only set guidance on WIDTH of images).
  • You will be provided a DRAFT to review & approve prior to sending.
  • After your approval, an e-invoice will be issued for your safe & secure online payment (pricing found below).
1. One [1] blast for only $300 $400
2. Two [2] blasts for only $500 $600
3. Three [3] blasts for only $700 $800
4. Four [4] blasts for only $800 $1000 [best value]

Payments are required in advance to receive "multiple pricing" indicated above.
Blast-Ready Art: It is best to provide us with an image ready to send. A $100 design charge will be assessed if we must develop advert graphics for you [no additional charge if you provide "usable" JPG or GIF already designed and ready---600 pixels wide]
Lead Time: Normal lead times are at least 48 hours from submission of order. If your requested SEND date/time is within 48 hours of your order, we shall include a small $50 rush fee on your invoice.
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